Pure gold in skincare is a powerful anti-aging, anti-inflammatory ingredient, and you need to add it to your beauty regime now. The opulent metal has been an active ingredient in skincare since Cleopatra but has always held it's uber-luxurious and unattainable status, until now.


  • Contains antioxidants for younger-looking skin
  • Helps your skin to look brighter
  • When added to other active ingredients it helps them to work more efficiently. 
  • Helps to relieve acne-related inflammation

Jena's liquid glow face oil and primer Argan 24k gold

How to find a pure gold skincare product for your skin?

The experts agree that pure gold has numerous powerful properties for your skin. Now to find the perfect gold-infused skincare product for you you need to make sure what's being used is pure gold and not mica gold powder that can look exactly like gold but it's just a shimmer that wouldn't benefit your skin in anyway.

Look for the words '24k pure gold' on the label, which means the product contains 24 karat gold. 24 karat gold contains the highest concentration of gold per part. 

Jena's LIQUID GLOW OIL oil and primer is made out of pure 24k gold and 100% pure cold pressed Argan oil


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